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you are a magnet for all GOOD THINGS

you are a magnet for all GOOD THINGS

In the words of Mary Lou Retton, “Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.” For this statement to be true and to pass it on to our children, we must believe it wholeheartedly. When we think positively, we draw positive experiences and outcomes to us. Just as the opposite, negativity, draws the negative. People who see things from an optimistic and productive point of view avoid the pitfalls of negativity. They are aware that bad things do happen, but it’s their response, during these times, that changes everything.

With negative thoughts, one tends to find the worst in a situation and feel a hopelessness that is not at all productive or healthy for the person or those around them. By thinking optimistically, one sees a light at the end of the tunnel and finds a positive way to get through any tough situation. This type of person is a magnet to people who are pulled by their positivity and encouragement. In Mark Guidi’s article, 5 Scientific Studies that Prove the Power of Positive Thinking, Dr. Lyubomirsky, head researcher from UC Riverside concluded, “When people feel happy, they tend to feel confident, optimistic and energetic and others find them likeable and sociable. Happy people are thus able to benefit from these perceptions.” Furthermore, the study “found that the happiest people owe their success, in part, to their optimism and positive outlook.” Although it’s best to be optimistic and positive, it can be easier said than done.

ways to switch from negative to positive

Thinking and feeling positively may initially require a conscious effort. You may have been raised by parents who were negative and passed the same beliefs down to you. In which case, it may be easier to automatically think cynically about something or dismiss good things when they happen. Instead, try to be hopeful and grateful with the good that comes your way. Retrain your mind to focus on the pleasant aspects of your life. Start with just a few general things each day and work your way up to specifics. Think of what makes you happy, people that you feel blessed in knowing, and times that brought you joy. The more you focus on these things, the easier it will be to recognize when you are thinking negatively. Then, you can switch the path in which your thoughts are taking you.

help others to make the switch

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘misery loves company.’ It’s easy to get caught up in someone else’s problems and negativity. They can draw you in and have you focusing and contributing to the conversation with the same “bad” things going on in your life. This is definitely not productive for either of you. Once you’re able to identify that this is happening, you can help that person by not letting them dwell on these negative issues. Try being optimistic or move to a lighter topic to keep from spiraling down into an ugly and unhealthy pit of negativity.

help our kids make the connection

We should try and help our children to understand that thinking positively is beneficial to how they approach difficult situations in their lives. If they are able to gain an understanding of optimism, they can build resiliency by knowing that good things are sure to come, even with the bad. This knowledge will help them seek out the positive and accept the negative without getting dragged down by it. If they are able to see themselves as magnets for good things, and believe it, they’ll have a strong pull that will draw positivity their way.

notice the good that you attract

Recognize that your positivity is magnetic. When you think positively, you’ll produce positive feelings which will in turn bring about positive circumstances. You will see good things come about and people will be drawn to you. We attract with what we think, feel and say. It’s important to be mindful of this and choose to be a magnet for all GOOD THINGS!

books to help our kids attract good things

Empower your children to attract positivity and joy with these uplifting stories. Through characters who learn to manifest goodness in their lives, these books teach young readers to believe in their power as magnets for all good things.

coloring fun

Please enjoy this free Tot Tails coloring page to help share this message with your child.

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share with us

We would love to hear your experiences and advice on inspiring little ones to adopt a mindset of abundance, fostering confidence, resilience, and a deep sense of gratitude. Are there any books or resources you feel can help? Thanks so much for reading and feel free to comment below!


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