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GOOD MORNING! start the day with positivity

GOOD MORNING! start the day with positivity

Good morning! Sometimes it’s easy to want to hit snooze or even throw the alarm clock (or cell phone). I’m definitely not a morning person…until I have my coffee. However, starting the day with positivity means putting in the effort to be mentally ready for the day ahead and anticipating good things to come.

mornings with my boys

My two boys fall into opposite categories first thing in the morning. One wakes up with a smile and the other… he’s just like me. As their mother, I know which one I can come in and talk with and who will need more time to come to terms with the idea of getting out of bed. That being said, being positive comes naturally to some and takes a bit of effort for others.

making it positive

Can someone who isn’t a “morning person” make the day better for themselves if they can just recondition their mind? I’ve heard that meditating, reading affirmations, speaking words of gratitude or even listening to upbeat music can do just that. That’s why continuously saying good things and staying positive with our children is so important. We try to break them out of their natural disposition, if it tends to go to the negative side of things; especially with tired children, just waking up for the day.

comfort in routine

As we know, a daily routine is definitely important for children to thrive. A routine that includes some positive measures in the morning will be all the more better for them. Something as simple as greeting one another is a great start! It opens up an opportunity to have a conversation that can include encouraging words for upcoming events in the day. Children may at times need that extra push to get them out of their shell in the morning and not feel anxious when it comes to having to do things outside the comforts of their home.

setting the example

Have you ever noticed how kids tend to mirror their parents' moods and behaviors? They're like little sponges, constantly soaking up our words and actions, which can have a significant impact on their emotional and social development. It's a round-the-clock role model gig that can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding, as it presents a unique opportunity to shape their world positively.

It's fascinating to observe how children often become miniature versions of their parents. By stepping back and observing their interactions, you can catch glimpses of yourself in their words and actions. Sometimes, those reflections may not be the most flattering, but it serves as an essential reminder for us parents to look beyond our own needs and consider how our behavior can affect our little ones. After all, if something as simple as forcing a smile or singing a silly song can brighten their day, isn't it worth the effort?

books to help start the day

Reading together isn’t just for bedtime. Kick-start your child's day with these uplifting stories that celebrate the joy of mornings and the power of a positive mindset. Through characters who embrace each new day with enthusiasm and gratitude, these books teach children to greet each morning with excitement and optimism.

coloring fun

Please enjoy this free Tot Tails coloring page to help share this message with your child.

Download PDF • 143KB

share with us

We would love to hear your experiences and advice on encouraging little ones to begin their day on a bright note, fostering resilience, gratitude, and a love for learning and growth. Are there any books or resources you feel can help? Thanks so much for reading and feel free to comment below!


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