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be the author of your own story

be the author of your own story

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” -Unknown

What a powerful quote. As adults, we may have a lot of baggage from past experiences that, in a sense, dictate our futures. However, it’s important to make sure that we shake off the past and ensure that we are not letting it mold our lives into something we did not want. Every single day is a new day to edit our own story, and this presents a great opportunity to let our children, the future generation, to know that they are the author of their own story, always.

begin each day anew

It’s important to instill in our children that every day is a new day to be better than yesterday. If mistakes were made yesterday, that’s okay, learn from them and try to do better today. Letting children know that mistakes happen to everyone will help them to take risks. If children are in constant fear of needing to be perfect (or else), they may be scared to make a mistake which can hinder them from even trying the new task, to begin with.

Lead by example by starting your day and voicing that “today will be a better day”. Children typically mimic their parents’ behaviors and will more than likely follow suit. Leading by example may not only rub off onto your children and those around you but will also help you to remember to be excited about a new day which means new possibilities. Read more about how to start each day with a new attitude in our previous blog post, A New Day…New Possibilities.

be yourself

Another important part of being the author of your own story is to be unapologetically you. We are all unique and have different passions so we should encourage children to not be afraid to their true selves. Sure, we can aspire to be like someone, but it’s also important to let children know that it’s a great thing to be themselves and rock their individuality. A healthy self-image and self-esteem will help children to love themselves and not be afraid to be unique. Read more about encouraging children to be themselves in our previous blog posts, Being Yourself is Your Superpower and Let Your True Colors Shine.

have your own voice

Self-confidence is important at any stage in life. Children will accumulate self-confidence in many different ways, such as getting good grades, having a lot of friends, playing sports, being a part of an extracurricular activity with other students, so on and so on. Having their own voice is a huge part of being able to write their own story. If children grow up with a lack of self-confidence, they may be pressured or lead a life they don’t really desire as they grow older. If they have the self-confidence to have their own voice, then they are more likely to lead a life they truly desire without much help or guidance from anyone else. Let them know that it’s okay to say “no” to people or things. Lead by example and show them you’re not afraid to say “no” if it’s necessary and doesn’t fit within your schedule, or your story. Saying “no”, doesn’t mean you’re a mean person. It is an important strategy of writing your own story that focuses your energy on the people and things that really matter in your life.

books to help encourage children to be the author of their own story

Inspire your children to take charge of their own destiny with these captivating stories. By showcasing characters who forge their own paths and create their own adventures, these books encourage young readers to believe in themselves and become the authors of their own stories.

coloring fun

Please enjoy this free Tot Tails coloring page to help share this message with your child.

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