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be the reason someone smiles today

be the reason someone smiles today

The impact of a smile can’t be understated. A smile from a random stranger can be enough to elevate the mood of another person, and even a forced smile can give our own moods a powerful boost. Yet too often, we let smiling slip by the wayside. We tend to frown down at our phones while texting others, or scowl over our morning cups of coffee. In our own homes this may seem like a fine thing to do, but it can have devastating consequences depending on who’s watching.

studies show…

In a landmark experiment conducted by the University of Massachusetts, parents would spend time laughing, smiling, and connecting with their infants. After a while, they would turn away briefly to do something, and then turn back with their expressions perfectly still. The results were profound. Babies who had a mother that didn’t smile at them were inconsolable. It proved that even at a very young age, children can link emotion to facial expressions. This also means that when holding our baby and texting with an unengaged expression, you may well be causing mental trauma to your child.

Fortunately, how often we smile is an easy fix, and the benefits on the health, happiness, and positivity of our children (and ourselves!) are enormous. In a different study at UC Berkeley conducted over the course of 30 years, scientists found that by looking at the width of a smile in a yearbook, they could predict the success of the person who smiled. The larger the smile, the more successful they would be.

This was also found to be true in a separate study using baseball cards, but in this case the larger the smile on the baseball card, the longer the player’s lifespan would be.

Even if you don’t feel like smiling, a forced smile can make you feel good in the same way a real smile can. In yet another study on smiling, scientists put volunteers through various stress-inducing activities, all while using chopsticks to make them keep a smile or neutral expression. Those who smiled through the process had lower heart rates and felt less stressed than those who didn’t.

a healthy and happy life

Sharing smiles and laughter with your children will not only fill you with happiness, it could also boost your health—and theirs too. Play more, watch a funny movie with them, or simply ask them if anyone farted in school today. A little silliness will not only make the day bloom with positivity, it could increase your lifespan, and theirs too.

A smile can make a difference in not just your life, but everyone around you too. It’s every parent’s wish that their child grow up to have the best possible outcome in life, and by simply smiling at your child every day, you could have a more profound effect on their future success than if you win the vegetable battle or force them to take fish oil. It’s rare that our desire for positive parenting techniques and the good health of our children match up in such a beautiful way.

smile often

Talk to your kids about smiling as often as possible, and smile more yourself too. Smiles are good for everyone! You can help encourage their success by teaching them to smile more. Set a good example by smiling more yourself (even happy adults smile 90% less than children do) and share with them how important it is to smile. A smile is like a superpower. One good smile can change the world for another person, even a complete stranger! Smiles are contagious. Be sure to pass them on!

books that are sure to bring a smile

Inspire your children to be the light in someone's day with these heartwarming stories. Through characters who prioritize kindness, empathy, and thoughtfulness, these books teach young readers the importance of brightening the lives of others.

coloring fun

Please enjoy this free Tot Tails coloring page to help share this message with your child.

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share with us

We would love to hear your experiences and advice on empowering little ones to be the reason someone smiles today, fostering compassion, generosity, and a sense of community. Are there any books or resources you feel can help? Thanks so much for reading and feel free to comment below!


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